Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Lesson on Careers

Last night God revealed something to me.
My new job hasn't been going so well, and I am kinda at odds with my boss. I have only worked one week in the past month because of a messy, complicated situation having to do with where I am going to work. I spent a long time praying for that company and my own situation yesterday. Our finances are a huge mess, since I was counting on that job, but that isn't what has made me so nervous and uneasy. I realized that what my boss cares most about in the world and in his business is money. He doesn't care about the things that truly matter most in this life. I care about families and, in regards to this job, about visual artistic expression. I realized that as long as my boss lacks Christ in his life, we will never ever see eye to eye. We never even be able to communicate freely. Last night I realized that rather than just seeking a job where I can use the stuff I learned in college, I should seek to work for a place that values what I value and cares about what God cares about. That is the only way I will be happy. Believe it or not, the best job I ever had was in the dining center on campus, because it was run by a Godly woman. They valued respect, service, and taking an interest in each other's lives. My eyes were opened to the idea that maybe I need to search for work in non-profit or something that is for the good of the community rather than for the good of the CEO's pocketbook.

On a final note, check out and pray for your brothers and sisters or be prayed for.

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