Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nature Shelf for Kids

I keep learning so much about the importance of letting kids run around outdoors and be creative.
To encourage outdoor exploration for my preschooler, I hung up a "nature shelf" of his very own.
Ours is made from reclaimed wood with a couple of brackets to attach it to the wall. I also added a mirror above it just for fun (which is an old medicine cabinet door turned on it's side).
Now we have a place to put his little objects. He loves finding interesting little things in the back yard to display!

Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY Modular Spice Rack

I've found so many uses for food boxes. This is my quick, easy storage solution that cost me absolutely nothing. I needed to clear some counter space in my kitchen. I had been storing my spices in a 3-drawer plastic bin intended for scrapbook paper. Since we won't be staying in this apartment for very much longer, I needed an inexpensive, temporary solution to clear clutter off the countertops. We're always thinking of ways to reuse and upcycle at our house..


I taped the bottom of a cookie box shut.
  I measured 1 1/4 inch from the bottom of the box, and used a knife to carefully cut a slit  in the box. (I chose 1 1/4 inches, because that seemed about just the right amount to still be able to read the labels on the spice containers)
 I used a straight edge to mark a line at an angle from my slit toward the opposite corner on the top of the box.
 I carefully cut along that line, using my knife.
 I folded the flap at the top of the box backward, and taped it down. This would give me a double thickness through which to nail the top edge of the box to the wall.
 Deciding how I want to arrange my boxes on the wall...
 Then, I used a couple of finishing tacks to mount my new spice rack to the wall. Done!
Totally customizable, and absolutely free. You could also nail them to the inside of a cabinet door, so they're out of sight. The boxes could easily be spray painted or covered with decorative paper to pretty them up a little. This concept could work with almost any box and could be used for infinite possibilities. Use a cereal box for children's books, a small box for pens etc...

...And a great way to avoid throwing something in the trash if recycling isn't available for these types of containers in your area.

If you've used these in a fun way in your home, please share your ideas or photos with me!