Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY Modular Spice Rack

I've found so many uses for food boxes. This is my quick, easy storage solution that cost me absolutely nothing. I needed to clear some counter space in my kitchen. I had been storing my spices in a 3-drawer plastic bin intended for scrapbook paper. Since we won't be staying in this apartment for very much longer, I needed an inexpensive, temporary solution to clear clutter off the countertops. We're always thinking of ways to reuse and upcycle at our house..


I taped the bottom of a cookie box shut.
  I measured 1 1/4 inch from the bottom of the box, and used a knife to carefully cut a slit  in the box. (I chose 1 1/4 inches, because that seemed about just the right amount to still be able to read the labels on the spice containers)
 I used a straight edge to mark a line at an angle from my slit toward the opposite corner on the top of the box.
 I carefully cut along that line, using my knife.
 I folded the flap at the top of the box backward, and taped it down. This would give me a double thickness through which to nail the top edge of the box to the wall.
 Deciding how I want to arrange my boxes on the wall...
 Then, I used a couple of finishing tacks to mount my new spice rack to the wall. Done!
Totally customizable, and absolutely free. You could also nail them to the inside of a cabinet door, so they're out of sight. The boxes could easily be spray painted or covered with decorative paper to pretty them up a little. This concept could work with almost any box and could be used for infinite possibilities. Use a cereal box for children's books, a small box for pens etc...

...And a great way to avoid throwing something in the trash if recycling isn't available for these types of containers in your area.

If you've used these in a fun way in your home, please share your ideas or photos with me!

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