Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update

In May of this year (2011) we started using cloth diapers again, and I said I would keep you all updated on how it goes. I'm happy to report that its going better than ever! Two new things that I tried:

1) Imse Vimse liners: toddler size. These liners are generously sized and very durable. They were perfect for Samson! No more messy cleanup with #2! If he didn't soil it (just wet) they could absolutely be reused when they came out of the washing machine!

2) Olive oil. Some of my friends who cloth diaper their little ones recommended trying olive oil for diaper rash as it is safe to use with cloth diapers. Just a couple drops spread thinly worked splendidly! I haven't had to use it much, since Adelynn hasn't had any diaper rash since her first couple weeks. I've been changing her often enough, she usually has no redness.

I've been able to transition to tossing the whole kit and caboodle in the washing machine now. I haven't been needing to use any rash creams. I haven't even been needing the fleece liners lately, but when I do I can put them right in with the rest. Adelynn's exclusively breastfed for now, so her poops wash right out.

I was forced to continue the disposables for Samson at bedtime, since he is such a heavy wetter over the course of the 12 hours he sleeps at night. Happy to report he is doing well wearing underwear during the day, though!

I don't think there was any problem with an allergic reaction to the detergent after all. I realized I am supposed to put a little non-chlorine bleach in the wash with the diapers once a month to ensure there's not a lot of bacteria sticking around. I had used them for several months without bleaching when the problems started to creep in. Its important to have the diapers sanitary! BumGenius or FuzziBunz detergent both seem to be just fine. They're clean enough, the cloths double as burp cloths at our house.

On a side note, the econobum diapers were too big on Adelynn for her first few weeks. When I started using them on her, I used newborn size Proraps for the covers. I can use the econobum covers and cloths now that she's a couple months old. She actually has a lot of problems with "diaper blowouts" and soiling her clothing when I use the disposables. The cloth diapers seems to hold it all in much better.