Friday, November 13, 2015

The best reasons to keep the house clean, tidy, uncluttered. It's not housekeeping, it's homemaking.

For the 2015 New Year, I resolved that I would teach my kids to pick up after themselves. Well, unlike a lot of NY resolutions, I actually worked tirelessly on this one every single day through all of 2015.

We came a long way and made a lot of progress, but are still nowhere near where I would like to be. Where would I like to be? I would like for them to pick up after themselves as though they were adult tenants renting a room in my home. When does that happen? Never? Oh, okay. Haha.

Here's what I -- as the mommy -- learned from the experience...

1. Different kids (And adults!) have different personalities ranging everywhere from the kid who needs orderliness to the kid who doesn't give a scrap. We need to show love to each other by understanding this fact about each other.

2. I don't like picking up all by myself, so why would they? So much more fun when we just decide to help each other and do it together. Many hands make light work (even if Mommy has to do the lion's share).

3. Throw something away or let something get destroyed once in a while to keep them on their toes. Hard lessons stick better than just yelling. Older kids can be old enough to be frustrated that they can't wear their favorite shirt because they didn't put it in the laundry. ;)

4. Get rid of stuff. Just have less stuff. Less to put away! Children who learn to hold loosely to material things may be better off, since relationships are the most important thing.
5. Last, but not least, I will not rip my hair out running around like a chicken with my head cut off to please people trying to make my house look ready for Better Homes & Gardens. 
My house is still really messy a lot of the time! But, we are learning what rhythms and rules work for our family right now. There's lots of room for more growth in the coming year!