Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Faith and Politics

I want to take time to talk about something much more important and dear to my heart, and that is the plight of my brothers and sisters in Christ outside of the US. It is sad that we are so unaware of this and that those who do know are so unaffected by it (myself included), but Christians are persecuted, beaten, imprisoned, and killed for their faith every day. This is not a problem limited to a few remote areas. China, Syria, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, and Iran are just a few of the countries that consistently deny their citizens basic human rights due to the fact that those people attend "unapproved" churches and/or propagate the message of salvation that is Jesus Christ. My brothers and sisters are spyed on, raped, mutilated and worse, yet I stand aside and do nothing. Jesus told us visit people in prison. Well, while I might not necessarily be able to visit them, I can be with them in spirit every time I cry out for help on their behalf. And, if you read the stories, you see that they are able to withstand great trials, because Christ is their supernatural strength.

Check it out! http://www.persecution.com/news/index.cfm?action=fullstory&newsID=502
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