Thursday, April 30, 2009

The most ridiculous product I have ever purchased

I recently purchased the best IDEA for a baby carrier ever. I ended up returning it, because it wasn't comfy enough for me, but while it was in my possession I was pretty much amazed. Its called the Snugli Serenade Vibra. I got it on for about $58. This baby carrier has gel padding in the straps. It has a lumbar support pad that--get this--vibrates. That's right, the baby carrier actually massages your back as you wear it. It also has multiple pockets, vents that zip or unzip when things get sweaty, pouches to store the extra lengths of straps in and a CUPHOLDER! The funniest thing is that there is a little button you press and it will play lullabies for your baby. You can wear the carrier on your chest with baby facing in or out, or you can wear baby on either hip. This is one of the few baby carriers of its type that can even be used as a back carrier (Where baby faces the back of your head). I don't recommend this product, because it isn't very cushy and it can get pretty hot for baby, but I had to share it with you all!

I ended up buying a Moby wrap instead. It can be worn all the ways the snugli can (and more) and it really distributes the baby's weight across your entire back. It also holds the baby in more of a "sitting" position, which is better for their spine.
Even comes in a UV protection version.

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