Thursday, October 10, 2013

Upcycling a Crib into a Light (Tracing) Table

This crib/toddler bed was picked up at a garage sale for $5. We got our use out of it, then I was able to turn it into a light table for tracing, as well a place to stash my paper. I do a lot of tracing for craft projects, so this was a great way for me to keep an old crib out of the landfill a while longer (and save a bunch of money with not having to purchase a light table from an art supply dealer). 
If you're handy, you can make one, too!
 I cut one of the side rails in half. I made it into a pyramid shape. You could staple canvas or almost any sturdy material here, or use real hinges.

 Once my straps were on, I adjusted the length so it would stand at just the right height.
 Here it is with the pads of sketch paper. 
This could be fitted with tiny hooks or pegs to hold ribbon, thread, bobbins, 
or even mounted to the wall.

 I put an old TV tray under the glass to hold my lamp, but you could come up with infinite possibilities and types of lighting solutions.
 Using pliers to bend the hook parts, I removed the "springs" from the old bed spring; I found a piece of glass the right size and cut a piece of wood to fit into the frame of the bed spring. 
I mounted it at and angle with screws and wire ties for a temporary fix, 
but with the right hardware, it could be made to be adjustable to any height/angle.
 I love using this, and it cost me pretty much $0!

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