Monday, May 28, 2007

Sixteen kids

Of late I have seen a lot of specials on TV (on TLC, Oprah etc.) about families with with an uncommon number of children. I watched the Duggar family go on vacation today. They have 16 kids and visited a family with 14 during their trip. I have been paying attention multiples in the news since the McCaughy septuplets. If you pay attention to these shows, you will notice a common theme. They all have a strong faith in Christ. I think this is because secular couples have no qualms about using birth control and even abortion. Also, Christianity provides a lot of structure to control the madness of having lots of kids.
A little known fact: When women are pregnant with multiples, doctors often recommend what's called "selective reduction." Because multiple pregnancies are high risk, the doctors have the ability to simply eliminate (i.e. kill) one or more of the fetuses. Any woman with any kind of morals would likely opt out of this procedure, barring any extreme health situations.
I really think God calls some people to have large families, not everyone, but some couples truly are. Sometimes it may be wise to choose birth control.
Before I knew Jesus, I had no desire to bear children. It requires a lot of self-sacrifice! But, the Holy Spirit has turned my heart around. I am willing to take whatever cards the Lord would choose to deal me. He has everything under control.

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