Friday, April 18, 2014

A Short Post About Zombies

Zombies are a big thing in pop culture right now. My kids know all about zombies.

This morning, I used it as an opportunity to explain to my son that when Jesus rose from the dead, he didn't come back like a zombie.

"The Romans hammered sharp, spiky nails through Jesus' wrists to nail him on a big cross (or maybe a tree, we're not sure). And they hung him up like that, and it killed him."

"Then he rose from the dead!" my son says.

Yep! He didn't come back as a brain-dead creature, though, he came back to life for real, as God's son!
That's part of why we worship him.

I know some of you that follow me on my blog or facebook get annoyed about how much I talk about "Christianity" and how I "indoctrinate" my kids.

I do not believe that I should keep my faith a secret to myself.

Not after all the healing and wonderful things Jesus has done to transform my life! If I say I believe that Jesus is the answer to all of life's questions and the way be saved from separation from God with eternal life...
...then how sick and twisted would it be to keep that to myself?
(Not to mention completely contradictory to what Jesus told us to do)

Thanks for reading; that's all I needed to say for now.

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